Allmade’s founding partners are in a unique position to drive awareness and interest for their own product. A screen printing supplier and ten leading screen printers across the country, we purchase hundreds of thousands of t-shirts annually to sell to printers as blank canvases, or to customers as printed shirts.

We also have a unique ability to influence the apparel marketplace, by suggesting a socially and environmentally conscious alternative to our customers – who often are unaware of the exploitative nature of t-shirt manufacturing.

Twenty minutes on Google will teach you everything you need to know about the environmental damage done by cotton, plastic, and the profit-first practices of the apparel industry. But the Allmade story starts when we traveled to Haiti together.

We experienced first-hand the economic and environmental devastation endured by garment workers, and realized what a positive impact we could have by creating dignified living wage jobs that empower the proud people of Haiti to take care of themselves and their families.

We returned wholly committed to breaking the cycle of poverty and child abandonment in Haiti, while reducing our industry’s impact on the environment. We will do this first by making high quality, fashionable shirts that are a pleasure to print on and wear, and then by leveraging our industry influence to make Allmade a brand consumers ask for by name.


Founding Partners




Founded in 2004, Ryonet® is dedicated to empowering creative entrepreneurship in screen printing through industry-leading education, service and support. Ryonet’s innovative solutions include Riley Hopkins manual equipment, ROQ automatic equipment, Wilflex and Green Galaxy ink systems, and Sgreen, Ulano, Saati, and KIWO chemistry.


Printed Threads


Printed Threads is an industry leading, full-service merchandising company that was born out of Brett Bowden’s garage in 2010. By 2015, the company found themselves at #876 on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies. Their diverse suite of services includes screen printing, embroidery, graphic design, finishing, and fulfillment. So if you have a band, brand, restaurant, church, or even family reunion that you’ve dreamed of creating merch for, Printed Threads has you covered.


SandiLake Clothing


Founded in 2014, SandiLake Clothing™ is a modern and unisex Clothing brand that focuses on dressing kids and their parents in adventurous, screen-printed items. Mel Lay the owner wanted rad clothes for her kids, and created a print shop to make it happen. Since conception of the company, she has battled and won against Target copying her designs and most recently went up against the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank. You can find her unique designs on her website or her brick and mortar shop in Portland, Or.


Denver Print House


Denver Print House is an award winning apparel decorator located just outside Denver, CO utilizing a 25,000 sq ft production facility. Young yet established, DPH is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of print quality, eco friendly inks and production methods. With industry leading equipment and techniques DPH is one of the only US based decorators capable of in-line processes such as Flock and Foil embellishments.

Four automatic presses, 90 heads of embroidery, sewing division, order fulfillment, and a dedicated staff allow DPH to handle any size project. With a staff of skilled artists, account managers, and experienced production team members, DPH strives to continually put award winning products out into the world. We are true craftsmen at what we do, and our passion is poured into every project. We care not only about the products we produce, but the people those products impact.


Definition Industries


Definition Industries, founded in 2010, is a full-service screen printing shop located in Northwest Louisiana. While its primary focus is fashion forward style printing, Definition specializes in eco-friendly, water based printing on premium blank goods. The 3,200 square foot production facility utilizes high speed ROQ automated screen printing equipment. With the best press on the market, an inside art department, embroidery division, promotional products support, and a dedicated darkroom and production staff, we are able to produce thousands of garments per day.


Synergy Media Ltd


Synergy Media Ltd. is an award winning boutique design, merchandising and marketing company dedicated to innovative brand building. We generate results by engaging people’s minds and igniting their emotions. We help a diverse range of businesses establish and strengthen their brands, developing brand identity, collateral materials, package design, merch development and production, web applications, marketing, and more. Our works has been seen by millions of people and because of it we have been fortunate enough to drive social change. The success of our fresh approach has allowed us to forge many long-term partnerships with our clients. How do we measure success? If w can inspire a reaction – getting someone to make a phone call, get online, or otherwise inquire about a product or service, that’s success in our book.


Nothing Too Fancy


Nothing Too Fancy, a family owned and operated business, first opened as a retail store in downtown Knoxville, TN in September of 2012. Working with local screen printers they quickly gained a loyal following of regional t-shirt fans looking for something different. In November of 2015 they opened their own print shop located less than a mile away from the retail store. They use solely water based inks and not only print for their retail store but also many other small businesses both locally and across the country. Nothing Too Fancy strives to create retail quality apparel responsibly & ethically with an emphasis on keeping things local.


Superior Ink


Superior Ink Printing is a sustainably focused apparel printing and design company based in Denver, CO. Driven by quality and integrity focused, they provide value through passion and inspire to create. Superior Ink is conscious about their production processes both environmentally and socially. They provide industry innovation and offer superior quality fueled by integrity.

“We support our people, perfect our craft and respect our environment.” Superior Ink Team


Barrel Maker Printing


Barrel Maker Printing began in the living room of Justin and Erin Moore in 2009. In 8 years, they brought the business from 30 square feet to 12,000 square feet and print more than 1 million shirts a year. They are most proud of the team of people that operate Barrel Maker, and the quirky and exciting, supportive, family like, hard working culture of the shop. Throughout the midwest, they are known for their high end and specialty printing, as well as close long term relationships with the customers they serve.


Maui Screen Printing


Founded in 2010, Positive Apparel and Maui Screen Printing is a positive forward, earth conscious company that develops individuals and groups to aid the world in being a happier place using t-shirts as their media. By trademarking the brand HI, i like you and creating key partnerships with affluent clients, Maui Screen Printing has grown to be the largest screen printing company in Maui, Hawaii. Maui Screen Printing has seven employees and is dedicated to the health and well being of all of them. The companies living motto and mission is to “Help others, help others” and to “Spread the Like” one individual at a time.


Rockford Art Deli


In the print business since 2004, Rockford Art Deli is more than Britney & Jarrod, it’s a community of like minded, creative individuals that have a passion for high quality prints, designs & vibes.
​Located in Rockford, IL, we are committed to staying eco-friendly & also source USA made as much as possible. ​Being a fully manual shop means we’re literally putting effort into every piece that leaves our hands. ​Our local focus doesn’t hold us back from working on projects across the country though, we take pride in every shirt we print. Our reach is global, our mission is simple : stay rad, live happy, be you.