Ashley Metzger

In 2009, Ashley was hired on at Ryonet, fresh out of college and remained at Ryonet until 2016, when Allmade was born. She then took on the role of ‘the woman behind the curtain’ ensuring that all aspects of Allmade were flowing.

Ashley was on the 1st trip to Haiti when her dreams of being a part of something bigger than herself became reality. 

Ashley shares a glimpse into the Haiti trip in which Allmade was born: 

“Those six days were packed with incredible people, views, places, ideas, laughter, food, conversations and tears. Something really beautiful was born on that trip. Allmade is more than just a brand, we are a community, a movement, a feeling. We strive to make things better and create a world of love. Haiti forever has my heart and Allmade has forever changed the person that I am”

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