Camp Better with Allmade & Keystone!

What do t-shirts and Keystone RV have to do with Camping Better?

With three active boys and two lively dogs, it felt natural for our family to get our first travel trailer in 2019. We wanted the freedom to go where we wanted, when we wanted, and to be able to take our entire family with us. We started with a few short trips while learning the ins and outs of living life on the road. Less than a year later, COVID-19 hit and the entire travel and vacation landscape came to a screeching halt. Like many others, our trailer became our escape from quarantine. As we got outside more and more, two things stood out to me. 

  1. It’s pretty hard to find an RV park in a good location where you’re not crammed in with a scenic view of your neighbors sewer pipes.
  2. I was surprised at how few RV parks recycled or even took care of trash properly. Having learned much about the impacts of our trash and recycling systems through my journey with Allmade Apparel, it was shocking to see.

We started to look for camp options outside of the normal road maps and off the beaten path. Going to smaller, more private campgrounds in scenic places solved our problem of being stacked in like sardines. Emerging Host sites: Harvest Host and Boomer Dockers let you camp off grid in amazing locations like vineyards and farmlands. Secondly, we started bringing extra bins and bags to take our recycling back with us or deposit it at a nearby recycling center.

Around the same time, our t-shirt company, Allmade Apparel, also decided to venture out on the road in a nationwide tour. We headed out in a Class A RV to capture the process of organic cotton farming, water bottle recycling, and yarn spinning throughout the US. After seeing pizza soaked cardboard, dirty socks, and diapers being pulled out of the recycling sorting facility, recycling responsibility got even more real to me. 

Because our family was enjoying the freedom of traveling off grid in a self-sustaining vehicle, we decided to upgrade to a Keystone 5th Wheel Toy Hauler. We can now travel anywhere due to bigger tanks, an onboard fuel and generator, and most importantly a full solar set-up with Dragonfly Lithium Batteries. We have also found convenient trash and recycling bins on Amazon that are waterproof and zip up for easy storage in the back of the RV.    

Nature is only as beautiful as we leave it, so when Keystone approached our family to be ambassadors and help get the word out about Camp Better,  it made a whole lot of sense to partner up. Since then, we have done many live screen prints at RV parks and industry shows correlating the Camp Better t-shirt design and call to recycle and camp responsibly with an Allmade t-shirt that uses six recycled water bottles. It has been an easy correlation and effective message to everyone that has received a printed Camp Better Allmade shirt. Being active in the recycling process not only leaves a better world for us to enjoy, but can help create amazing products that we can enjoy wearing outdoors!

Learn more about Keystone:


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