Meet our Honduran Factory!

We love meeting our makers, but we wanted to tell you a little bit more about the factory they work in. ELCATEX Group leads the industry with putting people first, as well as being innovative and sustainable at the same time. Did you know that all of their energy comes from renewable technologies, which includes biomass, biogas and solar. How sweet is that?

Let's see what other cool things they do!


Elcatex Health

The wellbeing of their employees is their #1 priority. They guarantee a working environment with high standards of hygiene and safety, access to quality health services, prevention campaigns and quality care in their clinics.

Some of the free clinics they offer:

  • Primary Attention Clinics - 24/7 medical support with free medicine
  • Back and Shoulder Clinic - They have partnered with the Honduran Social Security Institute so they can prevent possible muscle injuries.
  • Year round Health Fairs


Elcatex Education

Conscious that education is the key to change the present and future of every human being, ELCATEX Group promotes educational programs for its employees and for the communities.

Their commitment is to provide quality education for those in need and promotes development of their employees.


Elcatex Solar

Their commitment goes beyond constant innovation in their processes.

They aim to contribute by reducing the ecological impact, returning clean water to natural sources, reducing water usage, generating and using renewable energy, as well as reusing materials and reducing waste.

Remember us telling you about King Grass being turned into energy? This is where it happens!  


Elcatex Innovation

Rethink is a company created with the purpose to offer the textile industry sustainable processes and products.

Their team of experts are dedicated to discovering better alternatives that not only help save our planet. Their priorities are reducing water, energy and chemical consumptions throughout the textile process.

Check out these stats:

  1. Sustendye dyes: 85% reduction of salt and 50% reduction of water
  2. Low temperature bleaching: 26% energy reduction.
  3. Magic Wash: 50% energy reduction 38% water reduction and 30 minutes reduced.

We love how forward thinking they are, always striving to do better. If you want to learn more about how Elcatex works, scan that Allmade Tri-Blend QR code (located on the inside lower care tag of your favorite shirt!) and it will take you to the factory page.







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