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Meet our Makers!


We are excited to introduce you to two more amazing people that work at our factory in Honduras. Check out what they have to say below!

Meet our Makers

Hello, I ́m Gisela, as a woman I play several roles: wife, daughter, sister, aunt and a proud mom. I started at Grupo Elcatex in 2003 as a university intern, after that, I began my professional career as a Human Resources Assistant, currently I hold the position of Corporate Director of Human Resources and I enjoy helping other people develop their potential.

I became a mother in the midst of the pandemic, I thank Grupo Elcatex for the flexibility of being able to play my role as a professional and a mother.

I am honored to represent women who perform many tasks in the different roles, I desire to be an instrument to enable others to reach their goals as a professional, mothers and wives.


Meet our Makers

 Hello, my name is Edwin Teruel, I have been with Elcatex for more than15 years. This is the first and only place where I have developed my professional career. When I did my internship, I gave all my effort because I felt passionate for what I was doing. At the end, I received a job offer as a production clerk. In the development of my position, one of my main tasks was to keep track of the production times. I worked night shifts, and during the time that I have worked with the company, I have been promoted to different positions. Recently I became Senior Knitting Manager, for both Elcatex and San Juan Textiles.

Elcatex has provided me with the professional growth that I have sought for, and it has been a great life experience to have the opportunity to be in this company, I’m so happy to be part of this family.

One of my hobbies is listening to good music and playing my guitar, it’s something that relaxes me. I usually do it in my spare time, once all the work is done, but I try to use it as a quality time to share with my wife and my two kids.

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