Tencel™ Modal and Allmade Shirts

So you have found your way to the Allmade website and are interested in a better shirt for a better tomorrow? A shirt that is not only high quality and environmentally friendly, but that also benefits communities all over the world. The overall benefits of the Allmade shirts are pretty self-explanatory, but if you are like a lot of people, you may be confused about what exactly is the TENCEL™ Modal that is included in our tri-blend shirts. In essence, TENCEL™ Modal is a man-made fiber that is sought after for both its softness and environmental friendliness. If you are interested in learning more about why TENCEL™ Modal is such a great component of t-shirts, please check out the information below.

How TENCEL™ Modal is Made:

TENCEL™ Modal is a Rayon alternative that is both pure and natural. The man-made fiber is derived from beech trees that are predominant on the East Coast and in Central Europe. The trees naturally regenerate and are grown in forests that are both carefully managed and certified. The forests are only harvested at the amount that the trees can naturally regrow.

In our Allmade tri-blends, we specifically use TENCEL™ Modal. This type of TENCEL™ Modal is made by Lenzing Fibers, which is a company that is based out of Lenzing Austria. The company produces the fibers in an environmentally sound way using the Edelweiss® fiber technology. The chemicals that are used to make the TENCEL™ Modal are a lot less harsh than the chemicals used in other types of fiber production. Lenzing even uses the leftover pulp from the wood of the beech trees to supply energy to the operation.

TENCEL™ Modal Shirts

The TENCEL™ Modal fiber is extremely soft. In fact, it is what makes our tri-blend shirts so soft to the touch. Along with the softness, TENCEL™ Modal comes with the added benefit of having a smooth finish that is somewhat crease resistant.  The TENCEL™ Modal in our tri-blend shirts help to give the shirt a large amount of durability, which in turn causes our shirts to last longer. TENCEL™ Modal also wicks moisture away a lot better than some of its counterparts.

TENCEL™ Modal and Allmade

We are extremely excited to include TENCEL™ Modal as a component in our tri-blend t-shirts. You won’t be able to beat the softness that our shirts possess because of the fact that they contain this environmentally friendly and manmade fiber. TENCEL™ Modal definitely helps make our shirts ones that you can feel good about wearing. Stay tuned to see what we include TENCEL™ Modal in next.



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