World Water Day 2022

World Water day is celebrated each year to bring awareness about water conservation and access to safe water for everyone.

The theme for World Water day this year is groundwater. Even though groundwater is invisible, we must not forget about it. It is a necessity our planet needs to thrive, and for some people, it's the only water they have access to.

Now, you might be thinking, why is an apparel company talking about water? Don't you use water to make t-shirts? Yes, yes we do. But because we use smart production, special dying processes, and better raw materials, our shirts save a ton of water compared to conventional tees. 

As of this month, you have helped us save over 1 BILLION GALLONS OF WATER!

Here are a few ways how we have saved that water:

#1 - Modal - 25% of our tri-blend tees are made with Modal (Sustainably harvested Beech Trees). These trees use only 6% of the resource base that a cotton plant uses, including 20% less water!

#2 - Recycled Polyester allows for another HUGE amount of water savings! Not only does it take less energy/water to reprocess plastic, but there is far less chemical waste in the water that is used! Our tri-blends are 50% recycled poly, which saves an average 6 recycled water bottles per t-shirt!

#3 - Organic Cotton - The other 25% of our tri-blend tees, and the rest of our cotton line are 100% Certified Organic Cotton. Using this sustainable raw material is great for the planet in SO MANY WAYS. But in relation to water, Organic cotton requires less irrigation than conventional cotton since they are mechanically weeding vs chemically weeding. Organic cotton grows more naturally, with less continuous watering. And bonus, less chemical usage means less dirty water back in the environment, and our waterways!

Let's all do our part to try and conserve water. Here are 5 things you can do every day to do just that:

Save water

1. Turn. The. Water. OFF. This may sound obvious, but when you're brushing your teeth/shaving/washing the dishes, turn off the water when you're not using it.

Save water

2. Don't hangout in the shower. Get in, get clean and get out! Each minute in a shower equals about 2 gallons of water. Install a water saving shower head to really make a change. 

Save water

3. Run full loads of laundry when washing your clothes. Bonus Point: Line dry to save on energy too!

Save water

4. Water your garden/yard in the morning to stop the water from immediately evaporating from the sunlight and heat. 

Save water

5. Install a low flush toilet. You can usually get a rebate as well when you purchase one!

For more information about World Water Day, check out their website

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