Allmade Tri-blend Colors: Aluminum Grey


Lear more about Allmade's Aluminum Grey Color

Aluminum is the most abundant metallic element in Earth's crust and one of Allmade’s most popular colors. This cool heathered grey goes great with just about every ink color which creates a versatile t-shirt for anytime of day.

Building the perfect heather grey isn’t as easy as you might think. We know because we tried it a few different times. Our first attempt was a 25% poly and 75% cotton heather shirt which didn’t turn out. The Allmade eco-friendlier tri-blend formula was a winner. Aluminum gets the black heather in it from 25% black polyester we use with the remaining clear polyester from Repreve. It got its name from IndieGoGo sponsor Nortech Graphics who happens to use a lot of aluminum as it is the leading aluminum screen manufacturer in the USA.

Technical Information

PMS: 423C

Weight: Approx 4.2 Ounce

Polyester Dye: None

Natural Fiber Dye: None (receives its black heathering from black polyester)

Dischargeability: Not dischargeable

Dye Migration: None

Print TDS

Screen Mesh: 156-230 mesh for a nice soft and pliable ink deposit. If possible, use thin thread mesh for more control over your print deposit.

Ink Type: While all ink types can be used, Water Base inks are preferable since they have a super soft finish and drape with the fabric when worn.

Flash: Flash long enough to evaporate the water in WB inks. You should not need to exceed 220 degrees and 10 seconds. Ink should be dry to the touch. Plastisol should be around 180-220 degrees for under 6 seconds depending on the ink used. Ink should be tack free and not dry to the touch.

Curing: Follow manufacturers cure recommendations. There are many different inks with different cure temps on the market. These temps range from 250-320 degrees. Do not exceed 350 degrees on the garment and do not exceed more than 3 min 30 seconds cure time within your dryer.

For optimal soft hand printing: Incorporate a smoothing screen, an Iron, or a tool like the Stampinator to smooth out your prints and help create a thinner and more pliable print.

Wear and Wash Instructions

For best results, hand wash or machine wash inside out on gentle cycle and hang dry or dry on low. Do not bleach.

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