Feel Your Impact Podcast

A podcast built to go behind the scenes of the responsible apparel movement.

Our goal and the "why" of this series is to both educate and further a conversation about how we, as makers and consumers, can have a greater impact on the people and planet. Most of us get a choice of what we sell, make, buy, and wear every day. Through learning and improvement, we can all make better choices for a better tomorrow.

Episode Eleven

In Episode 11, Ryan and Mel start out by taking a look back at the apparel industry in 2020, as well as introducing Laurel and Mel's new sustainable product review videos. You won't want to miss this one!

To watch the full video of sustainable home goods: https://allmade.com/blogs/news/sustainable-goods-for-your-home

To watch the full video of sustainable gifts: https://allmade.com/blogs/news/our-favorite-sustainable-gifts


Episode Ten

In Episode 10, Ryan and Mel welcome Tina Bacon-DeFrace, President and CEO of Big Frog Franchise Group and Ron DeFrace, COO and VP of Operations of Big Frog Franchise Group! 

Tina and Ron both have incredible backgrounds that eventually lead them to create an eco-friendly printing franchise that has 80 locations nationwide! Hear their story in this podcast, and learn more about America Recycles Day! 

Allmade partnered with Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More to launch the "Give 1, Get 1" T-Shirt Recycling Campaign. From Nov. 2nd through Nov. 14th, drop an old t-shirt in a recycling bin in any participating Big Frog store and you'll receive a FREE Allmade shirt with any of the 4 pre-made "eco-themed" designs, printed by Big Frog. 

To learn more about Big Frog and/or find a location near you, go to: www.bigfrog.com/recycle or follow them on social: @bigfrogfranchise.


Episode Nine

In Episode 9, Ryan and I welcome Kara Johnson a Senior Merchandiser, who works on the Allmade Apparel line with SanMar, as well as one of our Allmade co-founders Rogier Ducloo, to talk about India Organic garment manufacturing and the manufacturing landscape of India as a whole. This episode is filled with exciting sneak peaks of what's coming in 2021 for Allmade, as well as a behind the scenes look at our process for finding ethical manufacturing.


Episode Eight

In Episode 8 of the Feel Your Impact Podcast, Mel Lay and Ryan Moor interview Roger Burnett who just published a book called Red Goldfish, Promo Edition. Ryan met Roger over two years ago on his podcast and have worked on several impactful projects since. To give you a little intro to this week's episode, here is the Amazon review Ryan left of this book, it's 5 stars by the way. 

"Say in your head: Sales Rep... Promotional Product... What do you think of? Used cars, cheezy pens, bouncy balls and crappy shirts? In this book, Roger flips that conception on its head providing real-life examples and strategies on how sourcing and selling in the 20+ billion dollar promotional products industry can make the world and the people who care to be a Red Goldfish, better for it!"

To learn more about Roger and/or get a copy of his book, see the links below.
Link to get a signed version of the book
Buy the book on Amazon


Episode Seven

In Episode 7 of the Feel Your Impact Podcast, Ryan and Mel sit down with Founders of The Ambassador's Circle and Vote With Love, J and LT. Vote With Love is a nonpartisan civic engagement effort designed to grow empathy and help voters prepare to cast a more thoughtful and informed vote. The votes we cast this year will significantly impact present and future generations. Will you Vote With Love? Head to www.votewithlove.org to take the pledge. To learn more about The Ambassador's Circle, and the many other movements that J and LT are involved in, head to www.acircle.org. Follow them on social: @vote_with_love


Episode Six

In Episode 6, we sat down with the Founder & CEO of Portland Gear, Marcus Harvey. If you live in or near Portland, OR, you most likely have a sticker, hat, or tee with the iconic Portland Gear P on it. The brand behind that P has been dubbed Portland’s go-to uniform to represent the iconic city that “keeps it weird”. Marcus started this massive brand right out of college and has some incredible insight on how to make a clothing brand a movement.
To learn more about Portland Gear, visit their site at www.portlandgear.com and follow them on social: @portlandgear 
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Episode Five

In Episode 5, Ryan and Mel sit down with Dominic Rossaci, Founder & Owner of Superior Ink, and Erin Moore, Founder & Owner of Barrel Maker Screen Printing to talk sustainability in their Screen Print Shops! Take away some incredible tips to make your shop eco-friendly AND successful! To learn more about the Superior Ink and Barrel Maker Printing, follow their social: @superiorink and @barrelmakerprinting.
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Episode Four

In Episode 4, Ryan and Mel sit down with Chad Bolick, Global VP of Brand Sales at Unifi the makers of Repreve. Chad shares [in detail] the process of turning water bottles into textiles, as well as explaining the importance of recycling and how we as Americans can do better. To learn more about the Repreve products, follow their social: @repreve and check-out their website: www.repreve.com. Listen on Apple Podcast | Listen on Spotify

Episode Three

In Episode 3, Ryan and Mel sit down with Brittany Sierra, Founder of The Sustainable Fashion Forum. In a few short years, Brittany has built a MASSIVE following and community on social media based on the awareness of the fast fashion industry, and showcasing how to be more sustainable in your own closet. She also curates conferences on sustainable fashion, and recently has gone digital with events! | To learn more about the impact Brittany is making, follow her on social: @thesustainablefashionforum and check-out her website: www.thesustainablefashionforum.com.
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Episode Two

In Episode Two, Ryan and Mel sit down with Simon Mainwaring, CEO of We First, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and TEDTalk Speaker. In late 2019, Simon and his team helped the Allmade Founders define a set of values for the Allmade brand, and ultimately landed on the new tagline "Feel Your Impact". His We First Philosophy is inspired by the global challenges we face, the social technologies we use and the human values we share. It motivates all stakeholders in a brand commnunity to work together to build its business and to create a more equitable, sustainable and prosperous world. | If you want to chat to Simon about your brand, email him at: Simon@WeFirstBranding.com or head to his website wefirstbranding.com | Checkout his Podcast: "Learn With Me" wherever you listen to podcasts! You can follow him on Instagram @simonmainwaring or @wefirstbranding.
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Episode One

In Episode One, Ryan Moor (CEO/Founder of Allmade Apparel), and Mel Lay (Creative Director/Founder of Allmade) introduce the incredibly talented group of founders that created Allmade Apparel, an apparel brand that makes eco-friendly t-shirts that make a positive impact on people and the planet. Allmade is the foundation of our Feel Your Impact Podcast, and with our inaugural episode, we thought it was only appropriate to share our story and the entrepreneurs that have dedicated their businesses to make an impact. Join the movement and #feelyourimpact. 

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Listen anywhere you listen to Podcasts! If you enjoyed the episode, please remember to give us a 5 star review! 

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