The 7 Best Earth Day Tips You Shared With Us

In case you missed our epic Earth Day Contest where we asked you to show us how you Earth Day EVERY day, we put together our top 7 favorite tips for you to check out. Want to watch all the submissions? Grab some popcorn and head to our Instagram page.


1. Recycling

We love seeing recycling stations setup in your shops! Some of you have even gone paperless utilizing technology to it's fullest. So impressive! Keep encouraging your team to bring a reusable water bottle to eliminate those single use plastics. 


2. Eco-friendly Inks

 Algae Ink

 It's so cool seeing how you are using inks that are better for our planet! We saw that you're using everything from water based inks to algae inks! There are so many inks to choose from and we hope you keep pushing yourself to use the best ink for our planet. Thank you Custodians of the Sea, and just about everyone else for using algae inks and/or water based inks! Tell your print shop friends they can do it too!


3. Giving old screens a new life

Screens as planters

 We loved how All Quality Graphics turned old screens into flower beds! The creativity and thoughtfulness that went into that space was so inspiring. What else can you do with old screens?


4. Cleaning up around your shop / community

This is something we can all do more of on a regular basis. Take a break and walk around your shop and pick up some trash. It's good for your soul and the planet! ORCA Felllowship regularly cleans up beaches, if you live near Rhode Island we encourage you to volunteer! Abi-Saad Print pulled a shopping cart out of the river by their shop! 


5. Have more plant babies!

 Reroot gardens pic

 I always say I don't have room for one more plant, but when you find the right one that needs rescuing, it's pretty hard to say no. Not only do houseplants purify your air, they add a nice softness to any space. Be A Good Person partnered with @rerootgardens to help spread the plant love. 


6. Switch your bulbs to LED

You don't have to do this all at once, instead, as your regular bulbs die, replace them with LED bulbs! Bonus Point: Just like Zome Design, add a sensor so lights automatically turn off when there is no one in the room so you can save even more energy!


7. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Grove Cleaning Supplies

Keep those chemicals out of our waterways! There are so many green cleaning options out there, this one is a no brainer. Bonus Point: Use a rag instead of a single use paper towel when cleaning. Pigskins & Pigtails personalizes hers! 


Keep up the good work, friends! Let's make sure to celebrate Earth Day EVERY DAY! Do you have any thoughts / questions? Hit us up at We'd love to hear from you!




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