Comfy and Cozy Tri-Blends

With the cold front making its way across the United States, nothing feels quite as good as cuddling up under a pile of blankets with your favorite human (or fur baby). There is something so comforting about the feeling of being warm and cozy, even when the world around you is freezing. Join me in an experiment for a quick second: Close your eyes and imagine that feeling. No work to do. No emails to answer. No iPhone or screaming kids to attend to. Just quiet, peaceful, all encompassing comfort. The window is open just a crack to let some fresh air in, while you are nestled beneath a warm and toasty blanket. Now take that exact feeling and translate it to a shirt. But not just any shirt. A shirt that when you put it on, the softness of the fabric and the comfort of the fit brings you back to that happy place. That peaceful place. That place of absolute comfort and coziness.

These are the very sensations that were the inspiration behind creating the perfect t-shirt. We wanted to create more than just a shirt but an overall experience. When you put on an Allmade shirt for the first time, we want you to have that vivid daydream of feeling comfy, cozy and oh-so-cuddly.

In addition to this sensory overload, we also pride ourselves on quality. We’ve all had the experience where we purchased a new shirt that feels great the first few times you wear it but as time goes by, the fabric grows starchy and stiff and begins to feel like you are unintentionally exfoliating your skin every time you wear it. This is not the experience or quality we want anyone to experience with Allmade. Thanks to the innovative fabric Tencel Modal, our shirt’s softness and wearability is long-lasting. Tencel Modal is created from fibers manufactured from Beech Trees, a renewable resource. These trees are farmed from sustainable forests in Austria and across Europe. The high-quality characteristics of this material lead to a softness you can enjoy for the lifespan of your shirt.

Tencel Modal brings the soft element to our t-shirt but we would not be doing ourselves justice if we didn’t tell you about the other essential components of its creation. Repreve is an eco-friendly performance fiber that is part of a mind-blowing technology that literally turns recycled plastic water bottles into fabric. What?! We know! This idea is crazy and genius all at the same time. This advanced process involves shredding recycled plastic, melting it into tiny plastic balls (about the size of Nerds candy) that are then extruded into fiber that is used to create yarn. Combining Repreve as the polyester alternative, Tencel Modal, and Organic Cotton, we present to you a one-of-a-kind socially responsible t-shirt made only by Allmade.

We stand behind our word in providing you excellence and integrity in our product. 

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