Crafting on Allmade T-shirts

There is no greater feeling than creating something from scratch with your own two hands! And with everyone being homebound this last year, there has been no better time to get your hands messy and try all those fun DIYs that you pinned on Pinterest. One of the most popular DIYs of 2020 was crafting on tees!  (Which obviously we are ALL FOR!) 

Here are some of our favorite ways to spice up your favorite Allmade shirt! 

The coveted CRICUT!!! (Insert gospel chorus singing AHHHHHH)


*Image from @pigskinsandpigtails 

First things first, we gotta give the Cricut a HUGE shoutout! These easy to use vinyl cutters have blown up the handmade community, making it simple to create everything from homemade cards to quilts! You can also use it a few different ways to make designs for t-shirts!

Option 1. Cut vinyl to use as a stencil for painting the perfect letters and graphics..

Option 2. Use their handy-dandy heat press to cure vinyl words and letters directly to the t-shirt.

Option 3. Using an image transfer, vinyl cut letters, and their handy dandy heat press to create an awesome graphic tee! 

Peace, love and tie dye.

Tie Dye

Seeing a tie dyed shirt makes everyone smile, and we could all use a good smile right now.  Tie dye has made a total comeback in 2020 and I mean let's face it, who hasn't tried to dye a tee or two in their day! It’s super easy to do, and you can get the kids involved! 

Pigskins n Pigtails  has some pretty great step-by-step instructions on how to tie dye your shirts, and BONUS, she is a genius when it comes to step by step vinyl cutting to add to the completed look. You should definitely check out her feed!

Last and maybe the hottest t-shirt craft of the new year is BLEACH!

Bleach Tie Dye

People have been using bleach to brighten those whites for ages, but there’s a new trend of bleach tie dying. Have you seen it? It’s pretty sweet. We know using bleach goes against what we’re all about, but if you already have some at home, why not have a little fun, right? The Spruce shows how easy it is to do. 

Hope you have fun designing your own shirts! Of course we highly recommend purchasing apparel that is eco-friendly and great for the environment to craft with. Reuse every ounce of that vinyl, tye dye, and make sure to only make what you will wear for years to come! 

Don't forget to tag us with all your favorite t-shirt crafting ideas! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see some upcoming t-shirt tutorials made by our very own team! 

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