Whether you’re staying at home this halloween night, or hanging out with a couple of friends, we wanted to share with you some quick & fun costume ideas that you can make by using an eco-friendly t-shirt.


  • The Fonz

  • Grab your Fairly White tee along with your leather jacket, and “aaaayyyyyy” you have a costume!

     Fonzi Costume

  • Tina Belcher

  • If you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers, then this costume is perfect for you! All you have to do is talk about your love of horses, rainbows and zombies. Put on your Azure Blue tee and your Converse to nail this look! 

    Tina belcher costume

  • The Tacky Tourist

  • Dig out that "I heart NY" shirt you got three years ago, throw on a fanny pack and take pictures of everything! Pull up some white knee high socks for extra points.

    tacky tourist costume

  • Mario & Luigi

  • Get out your overalls, throw on a Rise Up Red or Azure Blue shirt, and you’re instantly a Super Mario Brother! #couplegoals

    Mario Custume

    Luigi Costume  

  • Camp Counselors

  • I know from personal experience that this is an easy look to pull off! Pile on the sunscreen, wear a whistle around your neck, throw on an old baseball tee, and hang on to your clipboard. Bonus Points: Socks and Teva’s.

    DIY Camp counselor costume 

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