Face Mask 101

Almost everything you need to know about the Allmask and the face mask game.


As you probably know, blank and decorated masks are currently in high demand. Allmade is working hard to produce as many masks as we can, and so far, we have tried on almost every mask on the market. They range from cheap and not well fitting, to expensive with a great fit. What we want to remind people is that a mask is meant to protect your particulates from going onto others, and their particulates from going onto you. The better your mask fits, the better it filters, the longer it lasts, and the more protected you will be.

Here is some quick mask education:


  • Basic fabric cut with ear loops. Lowest cost and loosest fit.
  • Basic square cut with ear elastic or tie straps, tighter fit but can pull on ears and has openings around cheeks and under chin.
  • Formed fit with 2 ply of cotton or cotton poly fabric. Better and easier to breath through.
  • Face fit with 2-3 ply of cotton/cotton poly/tri blend with antimicrobial options that have a nose metal fitting, cheek, and chin fit. Best fit, can be used around the head or ears based on preference.


  • These will go up in cost the same way a t-shirt does, from the lowest cost shirt costing around $1 (wholesale) to a great quality performance shirt costing around $5-$6 (wholesale).


  • The only masks being made domestically right now are N95 rated (to our knowledge). Central America is pretty much shut down and production & air freight from China are also bottled. The government and FEMA have approved and commissioned certain styles and factories to be used when N95 masks are not rated. It is important to note that some of these CAN fit over N95 rated masks and are being used to extend the life of them in the medical setting. 
  • Here is a great video Printed Threads made testing out the mask. View it here


Like an Allmade shirt, we went out to create a great mask product that would feel great, fit great, and be friendly to you and the planet. Here are more details:  

  • Face fit with 3 ply for maximum comfort and protection. We have now had thousands of people try the mask on and it is by far one of the best fitting masks in the market, nose fit, cheek fit and chin fit for all different sizes of faces. You can see these pictures on our Instagram here
  • Eco friendly to you and the planet. The Allmask is the only eco-friendly mask currently on the market. This should be important to you because as you breath in and out of the mask you are breathing in whatever makes up that fabric. The chemicals used in conventional cotton and fabric processing are not good for the earth or you, so having an eco-friendly option is a game changer. The modal we use in the Allmask is antimicrobial and has a much stronger wash fastness than cotton, combined with recycled polyester and organic cotton this mask will last longer, wash better, and have less of an odor while wearing. Think about the under-arm odor of a low cost undershirt vs the under-arm odor of a high-end performance garment, it’s the same concept.
  • Printable. The tri-blend mask is 3 ply but still can be printed, about half-way through this video you can see the masks being printed with a homemade hold down. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-ct9dpjVIm/

If you have any questions or need help ordering you can email our team at contact@allmade.com or call (833) ALLMADE.

Thanks for your interest, stay safe and #pressonward.

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