Give me that modal!

Our secret ingredient in our tri-blend fabric  is modal. Modal is a rayon alternative derived from beech trees that are grown in forests that are sustainably managed. We love having modal in our tees because it makes our shirts super soft and breathable. We also love that modal is easy on the planet and you don’t have to use harsh chemicals when breaking the trees down to create the fiber.

Now you’re wondering how do you even make modal? Let’s break it down:

  1. The process starts with the harvesting of beech trees from sustainable forests. 
  2. The trees are debarked, and the remaining wood chips are then processed into a pulp using a chemical solution. 
  3. This solution breaks down the cellulose fibers into a liquid form that can be extruded into fibers.
  4. Once the fibers are extruded, they are stretched and spun into yarn, which can be woven or knit into fabric. The resulting material is then treated with heat and pressure to enhance its strength, durability, and color retention.

How is modal sustainable?  Unlike other fabrics that require large amounts of water, energy, and chemicals to produce, modal is made using a closed-loop process that recycles up to 95% of the chemicals and water used in production. This significantly reduces the environmental impact of the manufacturing process and helps to conserve natural resources.

Another advantage of modal is its softness and breathability. Modal is also highly absorbent, so it wicks moisture away from the body. Next time you go on a hike/run/hitting the gym, throw on your Allmade tri-blend and see for yourself! 

We like to say that the best shirt to own is one that will last. Modal is a durable and long-lasting material that can withstand repeated washing and wear without losing its shape or color. Stay away from fast fashion trends, and purchase clothing items that are built to last. 

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