Heart For Oregon

Currently, there are 25 fires burning throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. As families are being evacuated from their homes, it's extremely heartwarming to see action from the printing community as they spin their presses for good. 

Within the past week, two Oregon t-shirt companies have stepped up to raise money for communities that have been affected by these fires. Causewagon is raising funds for Mid Willamette Valley United Way with their “Love Oregon Tree Shirt.” Another local company, Portland Gear, is supporting the Oregon Food Bank with their “Heart For Oregon'' tee. With every shirt sold, they will provide 60 meals to affected families and communities. Both companies chose to print on Allmade t-shirts, which is a local, environmentally friendly, blank-apparel company. 

By using a sustainably made t-shirt, versus a standard conventional cotton t-shirt, not only are these companies doing good for the community, but they are making a greener tomorrow. In this short time, it’s amazing how these two companies have already sold over 1,000 shirts! That’s a HUGE impact on our planet! By using Allmade for this fundraiser, there are 323,380 gallons of water being saved, 1,250 kg of C02 being reduced, and 220 lbs of recycled plastic which would normally end up in our landfills and waterways. Check out Allmade’s impact calculator at www.allmade.com/impact.

To learn more, check out these campaign videos: 

To contact Allmade for more information reach out to Mel Lay, Creative Director at 503.577.7908 or mel@allmade.com  

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