Meet our Makers: International Women's Day Edition

We absolutely love our makers, and what better day to highlight some of the incredible women that make our tees than International Women's Day! Read below to hear some of their stories and get to know the strong women disrupting this male-dominated industry.


Idania Flores

I like spending time with my family and enjoy knowing that they are well in every way. I studied Industrial Engineering and thanks to my degree I started working here. I have been working for the company for 19 years. Something I like is teamwork because I believe in strengthening everyone and the company through team integration.

I always started in the Quality department and I have been able to grow until I reached the area's Management. Here, one learns from everything, even from the customers' criteria. I have been able to see the changes in the Group over time. At the beginning, it was a little intimidating to enter an area where more men work, and even more so when I was young. The culture of respect for women has become stronger and stronger over the years. Women have an impressive capacity to learn whatever we set our minds to.

The experience working at Elcatex Group has been very good. I have seen many innovative things and it is a company with solutions that are not comparable to other companies in the industry. Working here in the Group has been and is a great experience; it is a company that does things well. Here us women have many opportunities to grow and I am proof of that.


Adelina Araujo

I started working as an auditor after graduating from high school with a degree in Business Administration. I have always worked in the Development area, in the Sewing area, and thanks to the experience I gained, they opened the doors at Saint Matthew's as a Training Supervisor.

I like to enjoy my children. My dreams have changed according to my situations. Two years ago I wanted to finish college, however, as a result of Covid-19, my husband passed away. My priority now is to provide the best future for my children. I have learned to be resilient and not give up.

Elcatex Group is very human, and that promotes our commitment to the company. They take great interest in their staff. It has been challenging to work in an industry where men make up the majority, but here we practice equal opportunity. Life puts us through some very difficult things and trials, but God never leaves us. 

As long as you put your plans in God’s hands and do things with love, doors always open. Here I have learned to work with my heart and I know that I am part of a family.


Walkiria Rivera

I studied Industrial Engineering and I like to learn new things always. For that reason, I have continued to take university courses to keep learning.

In 2007, I started looking for a new job. The day after I sent my resume, I got a call. Even though I did not have the experience in a management position, it became a very nice challenge. I was surprised to see that a Honduran company had so much progress and development. The experience working at Genesis has been enriching. Something that prepared me to work in an environment dominated by men was having all my uncles in my life. I have excellent relationships with my colleagues.

Women, don't stop dreaming and make plans to fulfill them. As women and mothers, we align our plans and share our children's plans as well. There are options to grow, there are options to do very well. I appreciate the Vision shared with us by our president, Jesus Canahuati, as this makes us feel committed which becomes a blessing and a joy. This is reflected in the growth of the Group and myself.

Mildred Portillo

I studied a Technical Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in high school and did my internship at Elcatex. That's how my story began here 19 years ago. I started as a digitizer and currently I am working as a Corporate Business Analyst.

I am a fan of spending time with my family and coffee afternoons with my mom and friends. I am someone who never gives up, proof of this is that I joined a department and company occupied mostly by men. However, working at Elcatex  filled me with a lot of empowerment and learning. I love Elcatex, it is my home.

My message is to never stop persisting. It is great to see the growth of women in this field! In the Group, the ideas that we women have contributed have been heard and are a reality. Creativity, intuition and persistence are the only things that assure us success.


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