It's Easy Being Green

Kermit always said "It's not easy being green!" Well, we'd like to think differently. We thought it would be super fun to share some of our favorite green tricks & hacks with you! Hope you enjoy!


Thoughtful Gardening

Organic Gardening

With Summer just around the corner, we’re all going to be spending more time outside. Every day I wake up and look outside my window to see if anything new has bloomed or popped up. This time of year is literally one of my favorites as it is so rewarding to see my garden grow (and come back!) each year. I like to buy organic soil and organic plant food for my plants to keep our waterways free of chemicals. I also don't want to poison the critters and wildlife that feed off of my flowers. It’s especially important to buy organic soil if you’re growing your own produce . . . so you don't poison yourself and your loved ones! Because organic soil is packed with mineral rich elements, your plants will grow strong cell waves, which will help in fighting off pests and disease.  When possible, you should also plant plants that are native to your area. Native plants offer shelter and food to your wildlife and support pollinators. They generally require less water and are usually low maintenance. That’s a win-win!


Using Green Cleaning Products

Green Cleaning

I love my green cleaning products! I can happily clean my house knowing I’m not spraying VOCs into the air. I also know that by using green products, I’m not harming the planet during production, either. I actually just switched over to buying diluted solutions that I pour into glass spray bottles and mix with water! It’s great because I don’t have to keep purchasing the plastic bottled cleaners. You can do this at home and your business! 

(I actually signed up with a subscription service through a super sweet company, but I don't want you to think I'm biased, so I found a Top 10 List of eco-friendly cleaning products so you can find your own favorite!)






When you start to read and learn about how much of what you would normally throw away can actually be composted, it will honestly blow your mind. In Portland, it’s pretty rad that we can add food scraps, pizza boxes, and coffee grinds to our yard debris bins. It makes it super easy to compost! Check with your waste management and see if you can add food scraps to your yard debris bin, too. If you’re wondering how to start composting at your business, Roadrunner Smarter Recycling actually wrote a pretty sweet article titled A Guide to Workplace Composting. The more we can recycle and compost at home and work, the happier our cute little planet will be. 

As we continue to geek out, we will be sharing more tips with you on how you can live a greener life. If you have incorporated green practices in your place of work and home, we would love to hear them! Drop us a line at so we can all do our part to keep our planet happy!

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