Styling A Plain Tee

It is no secret that Allmade was created by screen printers for screen printers, however, our socially conscious tees are truly a shirt for everyone. From the durability to the flexibility, people are loving Allmade for their everyday wear. We know that screen printed shirts might not be everyone's cup of tea, so today we wanted to give you some help tips on how to style a plain t-shirt.

Comfy and Casual

You truly can't beat a laid-back look. Grab your favorite tee, some jeans (or overalls), and some simple shoes, and you will be good to go. Want to add a little more spark to this casual look? Opt for a simple hat or bracelet.

A Little Edgy, a Little Laid Back

So you want to look edgy without looking like you tried too hard. It is time to go for comfortability with a twist. Our suggestion? Pair your Allmade with some distressed or acid washed jeans and your favorite pair of sunnies. If you need an extra layer, consider a simple flannel or jacket.

Dress it up

Dressing up a plain tee can be extremely simple. Pick out your favorite maxi dress/skirt, a belt, and some cute shoes. Add your tee on top and you are ready to roll.

There are so many different ways to pair up a blank tee, and we would love to hear how you style yours! Drop your suggestions in the comments below.

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