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Turning Sugar Into Clean Energy

In November 2020, hurricanes Eta and Iota touched down in Honduras within two weeks of each other and caused major damage. Not only were lives lost and homes damaged beyond repair, farmers' crops were completely wiped away. That includes the field where the King Grass grew that we used for renewable energy. So what did our partners do? They found another way to make renewable energy by using pulp from sugar cane. Yup, SUGAR!

While we were in Honduras, we were able to tour the factory where this happened. Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures from our tour.  

 Touring sugar cane factory

It is a massive factory, which means safety first! Hard hats. Check. Ear plugs. Check. 97% humidity. Check.

Going up the stairs

Hi Mel!


Sugar cane by the truckloads!


 Here's the sugar cane pulp coming up the pipe to get heated down to crystals.


The pulp getting ground up.

Sugar cane command center

This was the command center with about 5 monitors keeping an eye on every step of the process. Plus the AC was pumpin' in here!

 Sugar up close

Gavin taking a closer look at the sugar crystals. 

Ryan walking by big machines 

Scooping sugar

Jarrod couldn't help but play with the sugar!

Group picture

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